All you need to know about Funnels


This tutorial is a funnel tutorial for beginners. This funnel platform is to familiarize you with the fundamental concepts of funnels development in sales and marketing. 

The tutorial introduces funnels’ core ideas, including definition, uses, types followed by funnel builder tools and software.

Keep scrolling to know more about the different funnel arrangement. Switch to a brand new funnel account for impeccable website traffic. 

Here we go.

                  What Are Funnels?

A funnel suggests a single-user approach or movement or multiple movements achieve a target. This target does not limit itself to building and optimizing websites and mobile applications. It also includes an interactive digital discussion to hike sales. 

But the question arises, is it safe to use funnels to engender this interactive interface? And does the employment of suitable funnels result in ineffective marketing strategies?

Even though the use of funnels isn’t a cakewalk, funnels pivot a significant function in sales and marketing. The funnels’ application is essential to build a website business and add incredibly to your bank accounts.

Let us learn the usage of funnels and how they cater to digitally interactive sales and marketing solutions. 

Why Use Funnels?


Website bloggers apply suitable funnels to their domains because of the following reasons:


  • Funnels feature as a useful model for visualizing the trajectory of a website/mobile app
  • Business analysis and scope of improvement
  • Optimization to rank high in Google analytics
  • Shell-in maximum revenue

Types Of Funnels


We can segment funnels in different sub-kinds. It further makes room for gathering a profound knowledge about consumer behavior. Besides, funnel building as an all-purpose toolkit recognizes the purpose of branding a website or a blog.

Thus, there are three key funnels to conceptualize your right approach for your business:

Acquisition Funnel

  • Its function is to collect prospect leads and customers for your website. 
  • The gathering of leads is attempted through constructing dedicated website landing pages
  • This funnel exhibits the reviews and feedbacks from generated leads and customers 
  • Finally, it creates exciting and engaging social media feeds or usher paid campaigns. 

Activation Funnel

  • It translates the leads and prospects into genuine and authentic customers
  • It means that the generated leads are on the verge of making a purchase or monetizing your website
  • In this case, the plays must assure these customers about the premium quality of their products and services
  • Activation funnels work through the incorporation of demonstrative videos, informative blog posts, and customer testimonials
  • At this moment, the establishments mentioned above drive excellent conversion rates and profit the brand partners

Monetization Funnel

  • It is the final stage of converting users into customers
  • The final step in this funnel conversation is the sale of products and services
  • The dynamics of this funnel necessitate hard work and effort to convince customers for purchasing your products
  • However, once into the picture, the monetization funnel has no looking back. It keeps the customers in loop hereafter.
  • The website sends new product initiatives and newsletters to such customers.
  • It also educates the customers about their products via emails, live chat support systems, product descriptions, etc. 
  • Finally, it engages them through repeated updates and enrolls them into royalty and reward programs.

Sales Funnels

These user applications are popularly known as revenue funnels to help the customers navigate the different website products. It is the process through which a company approaches clients to qualify and purchase suitable products from their web store. 

About products, sales funnels have multiple phases such as:

  • Awareness phase
  • Interest phase
  • Evaluation phase
  • Decision phase
  • Purchase phase
  • Reevaluation phase
  • Repurchase phase

How To Build Sales Funnels

The step-by-step procedure for building successful sales funnels is as follows:

  • Know your target audience, their demands, and choices
  • Capture the attention of your audience
  • Create dedicated websites and landing pages for your companies
  • Run email and social media campaigns
  • Keep in touch with your target audience 
  • Measuring your sales funnels success 

Marketing Funnels

These are quick and seamless funnels to fragment the sales journey of a funnel. It means that marketing funnels directly land from the awareness stage to purchase stages, Transcending all the content in between. 

In this, the companies tempt the customers to purchase their products post, spreading adequate awareness. Thus, marketing funnels are compelling software tools to peak up profits through website monetization. 

How To Build Marketing Funnels

The stage-wise process of building a monetizable marketing funnel is mentioned below:

  • Sending direct emails
  • Social media promotion
  • SEO textual and visual content
  • Press release and online publications
  • Paid advertising
  • Initiating joint ventures and collaborators
  • Floating online educational courses and videos
  • Calculating visitor-to-lead conversion rate
  • Pay per click (PPC) rates 
  • Creating ebook lead magnets
  • Offering free trials and mini-courses

How To Use Sales And Marketing Funnels

Sales and marketing funnels can be implemented through the following mediums:


  • To create heavy traffic for your sales and marketing funnels enabled website
  • This method incorporates premium quality content and attractive video and graphic designs
  • Usage of right keywords for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Sharing social media posts and handles

Lead Magnets


  • It refers to a sales and marketing tool to generate interest for your products and services
  • For this, companies can exhibit something valuable and in-demand to their target audience
  • Educate the audience about the prospective uses and features of their products
  • Build demand for your products through lead magnets by getting to know the customer’s point of view. 



  • Companies conduct it to convince clients to buy their products
  • An excellent medium to hike website traffic
  • Both educate and build a demand for your products and services
  • Opt for free trials or request a consultation 



  • Used at multiple states of sales and marketing funnels application
  • Optimization of videos through selected and well-researched keywords
  • Adding educational videos to websites
  • Entice target communities to purchase your products 

Funnel Builder Tools And Softwares


Every funnel application requires technologically advanced and customized tools and software to increase sales and make its website marketable. Some of the prominent and monetizable funnel builder tools and software are as follows:




  • Launched in April 2017
  • A market automation software suite
  • Unlimited hosting services and emails
  • Integrated with calendar and helpdesk features
  • Available at a prial price of 14 FOR 14-30 days 
  • All in one system software
  • No official WordPress plugin option available

Click Funnels


  • A user-friendly application funnel 
  • Customized with wide-ranging templates
  • Shareable through various digital platforms
  • Not fully automated for emails as compared to other funnel packages
  • Incorporates Funnelfix
  • Lacks WordPress plugins
  • No email automation option available

Groove Funnels


  • Multiple customized packages as per the needs of a company
  • Availability of lifetime pricing
  • An optimum free trial package for Groove Pages
  • Incredible toolkits for peaking up your sales 
  • Works with BETA
  • Unique selling propositions
  • Includes features like calendar, helpdesk, pages, webinars, blogs, videos, etc.’

Thrive Themes


  • It’s an outstanding suite for WordPress plugins
  • Featured with thousands of template designs
  • Can integrate well with 3D party tools
  • Quick and seamless drag and drop builder
  • Convertible and optimized designs as per needs and choices
  • The company owns its funnels
  • No funnel Stats and tracking availability 
  • No market automation facility 
  • $228 for annual personal license and $588 for an agency license

Optimize Funnels


  • Tons of customized integrations 
  • Incorporates WordPress plugins
  • Uses Optimize press three interface application
  • Integrates with WP themes
  • Other marvelous and sales building funnels
  • Availability of Funnel Stats and tracking facility
  • No email marketing feature
  • Only available on WordPress
  • More than seven years in business
  • Comes at $199 of annual package

Auto Funnels (Conversion Funnels)


  • Individualized customer domains
  • Drag and drop funnel builder options
  • Enabled with template and email facilities
  • Featured with funnel tracking
  • Incorporates Getresponse suite applications
  • Lack of WordPress feature
  • Full funnel capabilities
  • Autogenerated email facilities 

Lead Pages


  • Usable for the entire website
  • Availability of checkout carts
  • Creates pop-ups and lead boxes for optimizations
  • Limitless space for creating landing pages and website traffic
  • Easy to use site builder with Leadpages toolkit 
  • No funnel tracking and market automation
  • Simple algorithms and analytics for usage and application



  • Contains upsells and downfall features
  • Comprises the Zapier application
  • Excellent for triggering market automation
  • Provision of unique custom domains
  • Enabled with single page template 
  • No email marketing and WordPress plugins

Thrive Cart


  • Lifetime packages available
  • Dunning capabilities
  • Enabled with a distinctive customs domain
  • Comprises the Zapier application
  • Upsell and downsell for funnels integrated
  • Devoid of email marketing options
  • One-time single payment feature available 



  • More than 200 initiation templates
  • Featured with AWS cloud hosting
  • A 14-day free trial, post that it is $79 per month
  • Single storage leads
  • Includes image optimization software
  • Mobile-friendly template, themes, and designs

Builder All


  • Quick and seamless website building strategy application
  • A/B split testing available
  • Unlimited access to different membership packages
  • Free account generation facility
  • Super check facility for affiliates
  • Provision of upselling and downsell with software funnel tools

Cart Flows


  • Integration of WooCommerce
  • Annual payment options available
  • Compatible with WordPress plugins
  • Tons of template designs and themes 
  • Upsells and downsells options included 
  • Lack of WordPress plugins and customized email marketing features
  • Can work without relying on third-party systems and networks 

Wish Pond


  • Enabled with a dedicated online customer care executive
  • Features such as marketing automation and tracking of phone calls
  • A referral-based market system 
  • The facility of cart abandonment
  • Run effective social media campaigns for product promotions on it
  • Email marketing feature included



  • Enabled with a top-notch funnel planner
  • Lightening-fast CDN
  • Freeform editing feature available
  • Capable of split testing advantage
  • Quipped with landing page technology setups
  • 153,795,160 customer served till date



  • Excellent for creating advertisements
  • Personalized with custom design templates
  • Facilitate compatible collaborations with other system software
  • A speedy set up for landing pages
  • Creates innovative and monetizable websites and landing pages

Elementor Pro


  • Enabled with WordPress plugins
  • Drag and drop build feature
  • Export suburb themes and templates within minutes
  • Hundreds of integrations available 
  • Both free and paid versions with variable features



  • Outstandingly attacks website traffic
  • Massive converting templates available
  • Integration suite software packages
  • Pages for generating invoices and payments
  • Includes email marketing option
  • Great toolkit for CRM applications



  • Pop-ups and sticky bars options
  • A free trial package for 14 days
  • Attracts smart and priority-based traffic 
  • Enabled with Saas platform (incorporates major installations)
  • No coding required to create funnels and landing pages
  • Converting templates and designs available 
  • Robust usage in an enterprise setting 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the criteria for choosing the best funnels?


The criteria are as follows:


  • Industrial experience (in years)
  • Unique features and designs 
  • Ease of use
  • Pricing and affordability conditions

Q2. What are the best-hosted sales funnel builders?


 Groove funnels, Click funnels, and Kantra are the best-hosted sales funnel builders.


Q3. How to create online funnels?


Online funnels can be created through the following process:


  • Have an offer for website promotion
  • Create a copy for your funnels
  • Build your sales and marketing with innovative software builder toolkits 

Q4. What are the best self-hosted funnel builders?


The best self-hosted funnel builders are Thrive themes and Optimize Funnels, as these funnels are easy to integrate with WordPress plugins. 


Summing Up 


Altogether, funnel software are excellent technological applications to boost up website landing pages, enabled with customized options for sales and marketing, funnels can monetize your website and shell-in hard-earned profits.


Select your favorite funnel package today and peak up your sales. It is time to market your products with funnels and optimize your web pages with strength provoking textual and video content.


We are here to bring you exciting and engaging funnel feeds. Do read and follow for upcoming content. We wish you good luck with your website and do stay tuned for the latest updates. 

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