Toonly Review (2020): Is this Explainer Video tool worth your money?

Toonly review 2020

In this article, we will cover about Toonly explainer tool and if it is ‘World’s Best Animated Explainer Creation Software’ as it claims?

So if you are confused about choosing your perfect explainer video tool, Read this article till the end, and you will get most of your answers.

So let’s just dive-in.


So you have a Blog/Business, and you have been writing great content but still not able to convert these visitors to buyers? You know what, the time has changed, and so does the way people consume data online.

Here is a graph by Hubspot research in 2017 explaining preferred content format by users  

And the trend is still the same, and video is still the most preferred format of the content of users. Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey for 2020 shows a similar pattern in data for video marketing.

Their findings for research:

  •  92% of marketers who use video say that it’s an important part of their marketing strategy. (Up from 91% in 2019, 85% in 2018, 82% in 2017, 88% in 2016 and 78% in 2015.)
  • People watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week – a 52% increase in the last two years.
  • 86% of people would like to see more videos from brands in 2020.

So the video format is here to stay. When we talk about creating video content, animated explainer videos take the lead in introducing your products and ideas to users quickly and precisely.

As humans, we tend to concentrate on visually appealing content, and animated explainer videos do it correctly for showcasing your product.

How do I create awesome explainer videos for my product?

So explainer videos are suitable for your content, excellent. But, How do you get a good explainer video for your product?

So your first option is to hire a freelancer and get it done.

But if you go to any animator/animation company, it will cost you a lot. Here are some snippets from Fiverr for explainer videos:

So other option is to it yourself, but generally, we don’t have expertise in animation and graphic.

There are multiple explainer video tools available to create beautiful Explainer Videos so you can try these to create your video. Most famous are Toonly, Powtoon, Animaker.

You can explore these tools and choose the one which suits you the most.

I have used Toonly and Animaker, and if I had to choose one of them, toonly would be my choice of tools for creating these videos.

What is Toonly, and what can you do with it?

Toonly is exceptionally intuitive to use software for making awesome animated explainer videos with Click-And-Drag Ease. Toonly allows you to create these animated videos by simple Drag and drop on canvas.

I have bought an enterprise edition of Toonly and have been trying to create few videos for some of my other blogs, and it works great for me.

Initially, it took me some time to understand the Toonly dashboard, but once you are familiar with the panel and how it works, creating a video is not that difficult.

It comes with a predefined massive library with it and has 50k+ custom image vectors for use. 

So if you don’t have much experience with animation and graphic design, still, With Toonly, you can create some eye-catching and engaging videos easily.

Here is a screenshot from my toonly dashboard where I have been using a predefined scene for Fitness related animation.

Toonly scenes dashboard -

Toonly dashboard

Characters in Toonly dashboard -

Characters in Toonly dashboard

Toonly characters
Toonly backgrounds
  1. Toonly has A massive library containing a lot of characters, backgrounds, and props for use. Currently, it has ~81 background and scenes, 20 Audio sounds, 30 total characters.
    So if you need a Character who looks like a nerd, an older woman, or a Mechanic character, you will most probably find them in the character list.
  2. Toonly’s premade scenes are great for the rapid development of animated videos.
    So whatever your script/scenario is for your script, just check pre-build scenes, and see if there is already one created for a similar situation.
  3. Allows adding custom voiceover. It is effortless to add your voiceover with Toonly. So when you are creating your animation video, just click the record button and start talking, Toonly will automatically add your voiceover to a video.

    And, of course, if you have a prerecorded voiceover or audio, that can also be integrated easily.

  4. Easy to use and learn utility. Toonly has worked extensively hard to make Toonly so easy to use. Toonly has an easy to use Drag and drop interface to use, and you can create your first few hours. 

    Now, I am not saying that it does not have a learning curve, though it easy to use, but still, you will need to spend some time on it to master your craft. But once you are familiar with it, it would be straightforward to create awesome explainer videos.

  5. It can be installed on multiple devices. So if you have multiple devices, say two laptops and once desktop, install it on all the systems.
    So once you have purchased Toonly licenses, you can install it on as many systems as you wish.

  6. Continuous updates for utility. Toonly is a growing software, and the development team is continuously updating it with new features, props, images. So if you have a valid licensee, you will continually keep getting an update, and your Toonly characters and props will grow with time. 

  7. High-quality export options. Toonly allows you to export your videos in various HD formats(various resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K, even custom), file sizes (24-60 fps), and quality.
  8. 30-Day money-back guarantee. So if you did not like Toonly for any reason, just raise a ticket for a refund, and you will get your money back.
  9. Cheaper than other Explainer video tools. If you compare it with other Animater tools, Toonly is less expensive than most of them and seems a good value for money Tool.
  10. You can upload your custom images. So if you need an image, which is not available in Toonly’s predefined photos, you can always upload your custom images in Toonly. 

Toonly pricing

Toonly has two editions available for pricing, Standard, and Annual. Standard edition costs 39$/Month, and Enterprise edition is priced at 40$/Month.

You can check the Toonly pricing page for more details.

Toonly pricing -

Toonly pricing

Now pricing does seem a bit high to me Toonly is currently offering Toonly for a 1-TIME FEE of $67, and I bought it in the deal.

I first purchased standard edition for 67$ and later updated it to Enterprise edition with 99$. So the Total transaction was 167$ for a lifetime license.

If you are getting this deal, you should, but it as though it still seems a bit costly to me, even then, it’s much better than getting a freelancer for creating videos or any tools available in the market for description videos.

Now, if you are confused about why there is so much difference between the pricing? And if you should buy a standard or Enterprise edition of Toonly?

So the only difference is that Enterprise editions have more options available for creating videos. It has more charters, Images, scenes, and almost 2-5 times of standard version.

Standard version does provide the basic required features for creating good videos, and Enterprise has so many more things that if your budget allows, you should surely go for the enterprise edition.

Download Toonly

Visit the page and purchase Toonly today!

When I started using Toonly, I first took a standard version and then eventually upgraded it to Enterprise.

Toonly vs. Doodly

People often confuse between choosing Doodly and Toonly. Now the thing is that they are different products and not competitor products.

Doodly came first for creating whiteboard-style videos, and later the same company created Toonly for creating animated description videos.

Doodly -


So Toonly is a product by the very same company behind the highly-rated Doodly software.

Both are products by Bryxen and have different purposes. Where Toonly’s mission is to create Awesome, Professional, Animated Sales Videos, With Click-And-Drag Ease, and Doodly is to Create Super Engaging, Professional Doodle Videos.

So they both have different purposes altogether, and you have to choose what is better for you want.

If you want a whiteboard style explainer video, you should go with Doodly. If you are looking forward to creating highly engaging animated videos with a high conversion rate, then you should buy Doodly.

So actually there is no ‘VS’ between Doodly and Toonly, and they both are brothers serving different purposes.

Is Toonly worth your money?

If you need an animation description video tool and want to invest in an excellent tool for it, you should grab Toonly for a 1-TIME FEE of $67 deal, and better upgrade it to Enterprise edition. Toonly is easy to use and has a ton of customization options available.

The dashboard is pretty good and easy to use. Overall, Toonly delivers what it promises, an easy to use Drag and drop style animation experience.

So I will say that YES, you should give it a try.

Unfortunately, it does not have a trial available, but I guess it has 30 days money-back guarantee. So you should surely give it a chance.

Other Links/articles for Toonly and Explainer videos


Videos perform great for SEO and on social media platforms. So if you are working to promote your content, Explainer videos can be an excellent tool for getting the attention of your readers and convert them to your buyers.

Toonly just seems a perfect tool for creating good High-quality explainer videos. If you are still thinking and trying to make a decision, I encourage you to purchase Toonly and work on this tool for a month as you can get your money back within a month if you don’t like it.

I hope you liked this article about ‘Toonly’ and I hope it has somehow helped you to decide if you should invest in Toonly or not.

Post your queries in the comment section down on the post, and I will answer questions.

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